How I Made $1k+ On A Blogging Platform Barely Anybody Knows About

You’ve been running your blog for months now, devoting countless hours every week producing quality content yet you’re still making less than your average fast food employee.

You started blogging as a way to escape the 9–5 rat race and give you the freedom to make a living that wasn’t tied to one location. You didn’t expect it to be this hard though!

You’ve even had some blog posts go viral resulting in a decent following and some steady traffic. Yet here you are still not earning money from all of your hard work. Sure, you tried monetizing traffic using ads but the payout from that is so low it’s borderline insulting.

You tried putting ads on your blog but you need to have a very high traffic blog to make even $100/mo in ad revenue. You tried affiliate marketing but it’s a lot of work trying to find quality products to sell as an affiliate when all you want to do is focus on blogging! Sure you could create your own products to sell, but you don’t know how to do that, you just want to blog! Monetizing your blog is just way too complex and you wish you didn’t have to deal with.

What if you could simply focus on your blog content and earn money based on how many people actually liked that content?

Imagine if getting paid for your content was much more straightforward, and was determined by how much value others found in your content. Imagine being able to make money by focusing on giving value to your audience without selling anything or charging for your content. That would surely be a beautiful thing wouldn’t it?

I’m here to tell you that this dream is in fact a reality. I too struggled making money from blogging, that was until I stumbled across a new way to make money from your content that involved no selling, and no ads. It's a new type of blogging platform that I share just below!

The Blogging Platform Barely Anybody Knows About

In this report, I’m going to show you how to use a revolutionary new blogging platform called I personally made $500+ overnight just by publishing this one blog post on To date I’ve earned over $1k on Steemit from my blogging efforts.

There are 3 ways to earn on; as an author, a commenter and as a ‘curator’. The platform itself is like a mix between, Reddit and Tumblr. The main difference? Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform that generates the crypto-currency called ‘steem’, currently at a rate of a few thousand dollars a day. The steem generated is then rewarded to miners aka ‘witnesses’ who support the network, similar to bitcoin, but unlike bitcoin, rewards are also distrubted to authors, commenters and curators on the social media platform.

On it explains, “Collectively, user-generated content has created billions of dollars worth of value for the shareholders of social media companies, such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Steem supports social media and online communities by returning much of its value to the people who provide contributions by rewarding them with virtual currency.”

The important part to know is that you can earn serious cash by posting great content and this guide is going to show you the quickest route to publishing and cashing out your steem rewards to USD cash in your hand. Cashing out to USD is optional of course, but I’m sure you’ll want to liquidate some of your steem if you earn enough.

So how exactly can you earn rewards? The following image is a quick breakdown taken from

Steem Rewards

Here’s a great cheat sheet on how the rewards break down created by steem user @worstdevever.


  1. Visit and click ‘Sign-up’. Important note: You will be given a password that is also the private key to your steem wallet, which means that if you lose it, there is no password recovery and staff can not help you get back into your account. This is for security purposes since steem wallets can have a lot of money stored in them.
  2. Click on the “Submit a Story” link in the top right corner of
  3. Start writing and publishing your article. You can use which makes it easier to format your article or just use the built in editor.
  4. When you’re done writing your article, you’ll want to tag it. No commas are necessary for tags, a space in between tags is sufficient. The tags you use will also be the ‘sub-steems’ your article will show up in. You can view a comprehensive list of ‘sub-steems’ here showing how many replies each sub has had along with how much money has been paid out per sub.
  5. If your article post earns any steem, you’ll have it deposited in your Steemit wallet within 24 hours of posting. You can then exchange your steem for bitcoin using, or After you exchanged your steem for bitcoin you can easily sell your bitcoin for USD or any other currency you’d like using any number of Bitcoin exchanges.

Steem vs. Steem Dollars vs. Steem Power

At this point, if you’ve already created an account on and have taken a look at your wallet, you maybe be confused by the 3 different types of steem mentioned. It’s really quite simple once it’s explained in detail.


Steem is the default form this cryptocurrency takes. It’s the most liquid of the 3 meaning you can easily send steem to other people or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies immediately. You’re exposed to normal price volatility of steem, which can be good or bad depending on which way the price is swinging. You can see the current value of steem here.

Steem Dollars

If volatility makes your stomache turn, you should hold your steem in the form of steem dollars, their value is much more stable than steem itself. Each steem dollar is worth aproximately $1 USD, which is where they get their name. You can see the current value of each steem dollar here.

Just by holding your steem dollars, you can accrue a 10% interest. You can calculate your steem dollar interest using this nifty calculator here.

Rewards paid out to authors, curators and commenters is paid out 50% as steem dollars and 50% as something called ‘steem power’ which I will explain next.

Steem Power

If you’re looking to invest long-term in the steem/steemit ecosystem then you should hold your steem in the form of ‘steem power’. Steem power is a system designed to inspire more long-term growth and commitment due to it being less liquid. Once you ‘power up’ your steem and turn it into steem power, it can take up to 3 months to ‘power down’ your steem or turn your steem power back into steem or steem dollars. Powering down will release your steem power in the form of steem at a weekly rate determined by how much steem power you have invested.

So why own steem power? For starters, it gives you more voting power and increases the rewards you can earn by authoring content, commenting or curating on the steemit platform. Half of the rewards you earn as a author, commenter, or curator is paid in the form of steem power too, so if you use steemit at all you’ll probably end up owning some. You have the choice of having all of your rewards paid out in the form of steem power too if you want.

The price of steem power is tied to the price of steem itself, so it’s more volatile than the steem dollar FYI.

Still having trouble understanding the different forms of steem? Maybe this power plant analogy will help you understand it better:

Steemit Power Plant


That about covers the basics of Steemit and should be enough info to get you started making money on this exciting new platform immediately!

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